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Post your coments and info 

This is a place to send your comentaries, that will be posted right here.
You can send a thought that impacted you...
Or send a brief comentarie of your work and ministry...
The idea is to get to know each of our visitors, and be able to write back and forward within those that have writen here.
This is an e-mail comunity that can make us grow and get to know other counselors and pastors, and let us share our insights and experiences.
Important: On your mail writte this info please
                 - An e-mail to reach you
                 - Your name
                 - Writte "posting info", and after that all the information you would like to be posted in Bold tipe (e.g. Your name, your full e-mail, insights, comentaries, a brief comment of your ministry, etc)
                 - Notice that your "posting info" will be read carefully and is at the Counselors-Resources disposition if it will be posted or not.