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About us

Pablo Carli is the founder of this page and the director of this project.

He is an under graduate in the pastoral degree from the Buenos Aires Biblical Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This project "Counseling-Resources" comes out of the need of getting all the information needed or get the one that is lacking for a christian counselor, to place it in a simple place.

This web site, is for all of those interested, counselors mainly, in getting updated or send their works in this field to get them published.

We are working to get this as complete as possible, and that will be possible with the contributions of our visitors, colleagues and friends.

Christian experience and Ministry


My christian experience has been really interesting. Because even though there were moments in which I was unfaithful to God, I could see that he was faithful to me.

As I was the son of a pastor, people believed that I had something special so I should take care of some ministries. With youth, teenagers, kids and different areas that I was assigned to.

I worked in a christian radio for almost nine(9) years. I was in charge of pastoring the youth that worked in it, as the Lord was faithful with me, he use me to encouraged this young people to commit more and more to Christ.

I also was asked to host different Christian festivals, Evangelistic meetings, Radio shows, and so on in several occasions.

As I was saying at the beginning, I was not worthy of being there, but the Lord use me and I can not deny that.

I believe in a faithful God.

Later on He still uses me.

Now I am serving at La Misión Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I can say without any doubt that in all this time, since I became a teenager I was and am able to see how the Lord use me and encourage me to follow Him and do all for His Glory.

I can repeat these again and again, "the Lord is a faithful God", he did not leave me alone when I was stubborn, and now I am able to look back and encouraged other people to realize of the God we have, and the Glory and total surrender he deserves to receive.


Call to Christian service


After I began to realize that the only way to live my life in a meaningful way was to accept my Lords will whatever it was, I kept on doing my college studies.

            I was attending in a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Mar del Plata, Argentina, where I went to attend college, and were I was leaving on my own. It is far away from my home city, San Martin de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.

In 1997, I was coming back to Mar del Plata from my winter break in San Martín de los Andes. It is a bus trip of about twenty-two(22) hours non-stop. It is a long trip.

At two(2) or three(3) in the morning, I woke up and realize that it was time to begin preparing to fulfill my purpose in life. That means to study to dedicate my life to fulltime ministry.

When I arrived to Mar del Plata I tried to think that what had happened the night before, was just my imagination. But everyday the conviction of that calling was growing inside of me. So two weeks later I decided to tell my pastor what had happened and ask for his advice.

He encouraged me to begin praying and looking for a confirmation of this event.

That was the beginning of an important time of growing in the Lord, and of knowing my purpose in life.

            My pastor told me that I should accept this calling, because it was wonderful the way that doors were open in front of me to fulfill this preparation I was needing.

When I realize about this, I was told about the existence of a Seminar in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina.

I went through the application and I was accepted without any problem.

            The next year, 1998, I began studying at the "Buenos Aires Biblical Seminar" to graduate as a Bachelor in Pastoral Ministry. 

            Through this four years, I believe that the Lord has been showing me the specific area in which I should serve. That is in the counseling area.

This means being a pastor but dedicating my time to work as a christian counselor.

            And the Counseling-resources project is just one part of a developing idea to grow in the counseling area, and be a tool in the hands of those that use this web-page and write their commentaries and send us their documents to enrich this site.

            Thanks to all of you and may our Lord bless you through this site.


Pablo Carli

Counseling-resources director

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